Fall 2015 v1, Summer 2015 v7

Been a while since I did anything, huh? First of all, let’s just get summer 2015 v7 out of the way, which really just has Charlotte and Suzakinishi dated. Hey, Prisma Ilya hasn’t aired yet so it’s still fair game!
You can grab that .

Moving on to potentially more exciting things now that the summer book is closed, you can also take a gander at the first fall revision. For consistency’s sake, I’m leaving Lupin as October since that when the Japanese airing is, even though it starts earlier in Italy.

Summer Anime 2015 v6

After way too much slacking off because of E3, the newest summer revision is here. Changelist:

  • Nearly everything is dated now except Charlotte and Suzukinashi
  • Some updated key visuals
  • Couple of OVAs (Strike Witches, YuruYuri, Sora no Method, Kanagatari)
  • Sailor Moon Crystal S2 was apparently an error/miscommunication, so that’s off


Autumn will be…soon? I’ve got stuff going on soon, so maybe expect that somewhere in the middle of July.

Summer 2015 v2

Now that I have somehow salvaged this burning planecrash, here’s a new revision for summer! Normallly I would be against updating so early, but there are 10, count em, 10 new series that needed to be added. That’s more than enough for an update no matter when the last one was.

Edit: I fixed a depressingly silly typo. Everything else is the same, just that was annoying the pants off me for how I somehow missed it.

Since there’s still practically nothing to change for spring (5 dates missing), I figured hey might as well do summer. Seeing as how there’s already a whopping 24 series confirmed, I do not feel bad about releasing this before any of the spring anime have actually started airing.

I seem to have hit a roadblock while working on the rough draft for summer and can’t decide between a light or dark layout, so clearly the best option is to leave it up to you! Note that I’m still working on getting things how I want them, so some bits may change. Generally though this is probably what I’ll be using next season.

(Also don’t mind the aspect ratio on the white image I just didn’t care enough to fix it while brainstorming)