Winter Anime Chart 2015 V1

I knew I said I was probably going to wait until there were a handful more series to add, but I needed something to do inbetween rounds of being bad at P4AU. I tried to step it up a little with the design this time around, so I hope it turned out alright.

In addition to what’s here, I’ll also be trying to add a section for autumn 2-cour shows that are still airing in winter.

Autumn Anime Chart 2014 v5 Final

Now that Donten ni Warau finally has an airing date, I can release this. Besides those two dates, there are also a bunch of updated key visuals. Also, both Psycho Pass and Log Horizon have been updated to reflect their studio changes. That should be it for autumn, so hopefully I can put this one away!


Moving forward, winter has around 18 announced series. I’ll likely get started on that when there are 20-24 series confirmed.

Autumn Anime Chart 2014 v4

With a day off from work and every autumn series dated besides two of them, it seems that now’s a good time to release a new revision. This one is primarily just adding dates with a few key visual changes, though there’s one series gone and one series added. Originally, I had Absolute Duo on here due to two sources, one being this blog post and the other being 8-bit’s site which lists it as a 2014 series . At this point with no PV or confirmed autumn air date, I decided the best choice for now would be to remove it. In its place is a series with a very long title that I had to crunch together to get it to fit into the box.

There will be one last update when Donten ni Warau and YY wa Y de Aru get announce dates, but besides those I think that’s it.

Upcoming PS3 Titles

As I’ve been clamoring about on twitter for the past few days, I’ve decided to waste even more of what little free time I have by making even more charts, now with video games! This is the first one so things could very easily change later (such as adding dates, publishers, summaries, etc) but for now I’d like to start with something basic. Hopefully I’ll be covering most major platforms, the next one probably being…3DS? Also, if you’re thinking this looks similar to other charts for Vita and 3DS games you may have seen elsewhere, it’s because I put those together to begin with! (Well, the Vita one at least, but the 3DS one is based on that so yeah)

ps3-upcoming-sept-1 Finally, last note: Final autumn anime revision will be when most/all dates are confirmed (which judging from how many series have dates right now won’t be for a little while).

Autumn Anime Chart v3

As it turns out, I ended up waiting long enough that I could do a nice full new revision for autumn. The biggest additions are the OVAs and movie BDs, along with one series I forgot last time. Hopefully that’s it for autumn, this took a lot longer than expected. Now I just hope I didn’t mess anything up…