Update on Spring

So, I was hoping to do one last update for spring that would include anything else that needed to be changed (basically just a few dates). Sadly for me, things are still mostly in limbo. Here’s what I’m waiting on:

  • Narudoma is dated for May, but has no specific day yet.
  • Super Short Comics, Robot Girls Z, Lupin and Digimon tri have neither a month or day yet.

So unless those get dated soon, spring V8 is basically the complete version. I probably will do that last update in V9, but that’s entirely on when the rest of dates will come in and that could very well be after the season kicks off.

Summer 2015 v2

Now that I have somehow salvaged this burning planecrash, here’s a new revision for summer! Normallly I would be against updating so early, but there are 10, count em, 10 new series that needed to be added. That’s more than enough for an update no matter when the last one was.

Edit: I fixed a depressingly silly typo. Everything else is the same, just that was annoying the pants off me for how I somehow missed it.

Since there’s still practically nothing to change for spring (5 dates missing), I figured hey might as well do summer. Seeing as how there’s already a whopping 24 series confirmed, I do not feel bad about releasing this before any of the spring anime have actually started airing.

Spring 2015 v8

Hey, so here’s a second-last revision for spring. I figured might as well get this out since there were a bunch of things I had to add that seemed like a bit much for just one update. The very last one will hopefully have the rest of the dates. You can grab the higher quality version

Summer first revision will come sometime early next month probably, so look forward to that! As per the poll, I’ll be using the dark layout. Thanks for voting!

I seem to have hit a roadblock while working on the rough draft for summer and can’t decide between a light or dark layout, so clearly the best option is to leave it up to you! Note that I’m still working on getting things how I want them, so some bits may change. Generally though this is probably what I’ll be using next season.

(Also don’t mind the aspect ratio on the white image I just didn’t care enough to fix it while brainstorming)

Quick notes:

Ace of Diamond S2 announced, that’ll go on next

Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan is actually summer; either I messed something up, it was pushed back without me noticing or moonphase got it wrong. In any case, that’ll be removed next time

And that’s about it. Until next revision~

After weeks of minor things being announced, it’s time for an update! This is around the time where I really start to slow down, since mostly the only things left to add are dates.  Anyways, new additions for the main block include two kids shows, Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku (which has the absolute most adorable main character ever) and Super Short Comics, a series that I can’t even find a synopsis for. Also added a few OVAs / extras I missed the first time and K: Missing Kings to the movie section.

I lowered the quality a tad to bring it under 3MB, so if you’d like a higher quality version you can grab it right

As for me, I’m looking forward to DIgimon, Mikagura Gakuen, Ore Monogatari, Plastic Memories and Sound Euphonium.

I was up early for that Persona 5 trailer today (which looks so good jesus CHRIST) and there were some things to do for spring, so what better way to spend my morning?

Updates: Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold added, OVA/Specials section fixed up (added whether it was an OVA or special, fixed the gloss a bit), added Grisaia and WIXOSS specials, added SNK and Sidonia recap movies, added continuing series from winter.

Now go watch that P5 trailer while I go watch that P5 trailer for the 20th time.

This is the one where I try to add OVAs and movie DVDs. Also, new TV series include Plastic Memories (I’m looking forward to this one) and Narudoma.

New things: Nanoha ViVid, GITS Arise TV, Denpa Kyoushi, studio update for Ore Monogatari, floral patterns.