Fall 2015 V1

Spring anime? Who cares! Summer? Even worse! What you want to do is check out what’s airing this glorious autumn season! And on this beautiful beginning of April, I can easily help you with that! Enjoy and have fun today!

3 thoughts on “ Fall 2015 V1

  1. Some good stuff coming up. Hadn’t heard about Catherine; looking forward to that one, especially with Shaft onboard. Though, if they’re doing that AND Zetsubou Sensei, their Zelda anime must have been delayed. ; _ ;

    Minor correction: the official romanization is “Valkyrie Dlive”. I expect people will use the spelling you have, though, so it’s your call.

  2. Hello xD I have been a big fan of you for ages. Ọ w Ọ

    May I ask for the permission to upload your chart this season onto my fanpage on Facebook? I promise to keep the whole package, keep the credit and also add an extra link to your direct website (this website) ?

    I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading this!

    • Sorry for the super late reply if you’re reading this! Yeeah, go right ahead! The only thing I’d like is a link back to the site.

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