Winter Anime 2016 v1

The most exciting time of the season has come at last! Hope you’re enjoying the fall season, in the meantime here’s the first revision for winter to take a quick gander at what’s airing in a few months. What’s ~new and exciting~ about this one (but only to me) is that it’s almost all created in HTML and CSS. This means it’s way easier for me to mess with the layout without wanting to stab my face off, which also means something new: There are four versions of this chart, each with a different number of columns. 4 is best viewed on desktop, 3 laptop, 2 tablet and 1 mobile. I actually wanted to release this as a straight up web version, but stuff has gotten in the way of that (and plus I still don’t feel entirely confident in my ability for certain aspects like making it be all responsive properly) so that’ll have to stay on hold for a bit. Hope this makes up for it.

Winter 2016 v1 (4 columns)

Fall 2015 v4.5 – The actual final updates for realsies

Yeah so a couple of notable things happened between last update and now that I figured I should probably change. I meant to do this a while ago but hey, stuff happens.


  • GATE removed from continuations. This is the big one that I really should have done right after it was announced to be winter split-cour.
  • Pokemon XY & Z added. Yeah whatever
  • Some info updated (Heavy Object = 2cour, Cavalry, Black Jack, Lance N Masques, Valkyrie Drive, Aria AA = 1cour, Asterisk = split cours, 2nd half in spring 2016).

That should be everything changed, I think.

After a long night and then some, the new revision for fall is ready! This one includes OVAs, movie DVDs and continuing series. Next one will probably be the one with the dates.

fall2015v3 Until next update~

Fall 2015 v2

Only took a month to get this out! I seem to have gone in reverse this time where instead of releasing a ton of updates, I’ve kept them to a minimum. Dunno which I prefer, honestly. Anyways, here’s the second revision for fall which has a bunch of new series, some dates and new visuals.

Note: There was a small error in the one posted a few days ago, it’s been fixed now.

Until next update!

Fall 2015 v1, Summer 2015 v7

Been a while since I did anything, huh? First of all, let’s just get summer 2015 v7 out of the way, which really just has Charlotte and Suzakinishi dated. Hey, Prisma Ilya hasn’t aired yet so it’s still fair game!
You can grab that .

Moving on to potentially more exciting things now that the summer book is closed, you can also take a gander at the first fall revision. For consistency’s sake, I’m leaving Lupin as October since that when the Japanese airing is, even though it starts earlier in Italy.

Summer Anime 2015 v6

After way too much slacking off because of E3, the newest summer revision is here. Changelist:

  • Nearly everything is dated now except Charlotte and Suzukinashi
  • Some updated key visuals
  • Couple of OVAs (Strike Witches, YuruYuri, Sora no Method, Kanagatari)
  • Sailor Moon Crystal S2 was apparently an error/miscommunication, so that’s off


Autumn will be…soon? I’ve got stuff going on soon, so maybe expect that somewhere in the middle of July.