Hello. I make visual guides that cover what anime will be airing in the current season. Why do I do this, even though there are numerous other people making them? Mostly two reasons. First, I find it fun designing them and gathering all the information. In general, I think it helps me develop my design sense. Two, I wasn’t particularly satisfied with the charts that were out when Chartfag quit. That’s not to say they’re bad or anything, but I was a very big fan of Chartfag’s guides and designs so when I started I wanted to replicate his style as much as I could. Nowadays, I try to develop my own style and do my own things, but he still has a lot of influence on me.

On my guides; in general, I feel they should always be kept simple and as efficient as possible. By that, I mean there shouldn’t be any unnecessary bloat or waste. Super large resolutions are a no-no for me.Most of my information is gathered from Moonphase’s anime list (which can be found at the right). This is an extremely useful resource for anyone that follows seasonal anime as it lists most everything that will air in the season. Other sources are generally for images, synopses and to fill in any gaps that Moonphase may leave.
Please point out any errors you spot, it’s very helpful. Also, feel free to post any suggestions you may have. I’m all for considering anything that can improve myself (Lord knows I have a long way to go).

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  1. Thanks for the charts. As someone that knows little about anime, I found your blog (and the sites mentioned on this page) useful.

  2. As someone that knows a lot about anime, I found your blog… Awesome!
    Another addition to the chart makers… (sigh) they never get tired…
    Still, that’s quite an effort to “waste time”, keep up the good work!

    • I’m not opposed to the idea! It’s one of those things I’ve considered doing for a while but never actually tried to implement. Since spring is still a ways off, that one’s still open to some changes so I just might try and include them there.

  3. love the charts, i’ve always tried searching for new anime and never knew about the charts until now! thank you for introducing them to me (:

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